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Put Yourself In the Driver’s Seat With A Farmers State Bank Auto Loan

If it feels like you need to be a world class negotiator these days to buy a new car, van or truck, you’re not alone. That’s why many smart new car buyers are turning to pre-approved financing. With a pre-approved auto loan from The Farmers State Bank, buying the new or used vehicle you want can be quick and easy. That’s because we “pre-approve” you for the amount you need before you visit the dealership. There’s absolutely no obligation to buy a vehicle or take the loan.

With a Farmers State Bank Auto Loan, dealers will view you as a cash customer, putting you in a much better bargaining position. You’ll have the ability to negotiate a better vehicle price and in most cases, drive away the same day. You get reasonable rates and a flexible repayment plan. We’ll also help you figure out what financing program is right for you.

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Auto Loans

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Rates, terms, and loan conditions are flexible and competitive.  Some restrictions and normal credit standards apply.