Money Market Savings

A close-up of money and a receiptPut Your Money to Work For You.

     With our money market savings account, you can safely save for the future.  All Money Market Accounts are FDIC insured and you have limited availability to your money. 


  • Minimum to open/minimum balance – $1000
  • Interest paid monthly
  • $1000 minimum average daily balance to earn interest
  • Minimum withdrawal of $250.00


BalanceInterest RateAPY*
$1000.00 - $24,999.990.05%0.05%
$25,000.00 - $74,999.990.10%0.10%
$75,000.00 & Over0.15%0.15%



All Money Market accounts are interest bearing. The interest rate and annual percentage yield depend on the average daily balance held in the account. The interest rate and annual percentage yield are subject to change without notice. Interest is credited to the account monthly. $5 per month charge if balance falls below minimum.  If the account is closed before interest is credited, you may not receive the accrued interest. The annual percentage yield is accurate as of January 4, 2021.        *APY = Annual Percentage Yield